An amateur radio station has been operated from these grounds since 1980.
MARM Inc. was founded in 1984 by Dave Snydal (VE4XN) of Brandon, Manitoba.

He recognized the need for this type of facility to preserve this part of
our heritage and tell the public the story of amateur radio.

A host of very dedicated volunteers has assisted in this endeavour
and we are proud of Canada’s Only Amateur Radio Museum.

We currently have 400 members and 4400 artifacts in our collection.
To date, over 60,000 volunteer hours have been amassed.
We are always looking for vintage equipment, books or whatever:

This museum was made possible by grants from:

Manitoba Agricultural Museum
New Horizons Program
Manitoba Heritage Federation
Community Places Program

All the artifacts have been donated by many commercial donors, as well as a host of individual donors, plus our foundation fund, founders, life members, board of directors, friends, silent key members and a multitude of very dedicated volunteers helping to preserve amateur radio for the future.